Nissan Titan Next generation Seen While Being Tested


Nissan Titan Next generation Seen While Being Tested
At the moment there are just three main car makers that dominate the pickup truck market for full size vehicles. It is the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado/GMC and the Ram 1500 that are way ahead of the Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan. This is probably because these American offerings have had upgrades with more fuel efficient engines, good technology and funky body styles. The Other two are old fashioned which is why they are not so popular with the Toyota having a 2014 model that is not expected to be able to compete with these big guns. The 2013 model was not highly rated so this is not expected to do much better. In face it came fifth out of sixth when compared to other trucks in a test by
The Nissan Titan is the very worst of the entire group. It has not had an update for ten years in any substantial sort of way. However, the new model is said to be going to debut in 2015 and it has been seen being tested. It does look from the spy shots that were taken while it was being tested, that this does look like it has been improved.
The bodywork is currently the old style trucks and so the new design that will happen, is not yet visible. However, front fascia looks very different. It does look rather odd at the moment but hopefully will not look like that when it is finished. It does look rather wider than the current car.
It is thought that there will be a selection of powertrains to choose from including a regular cab option. It is expected that there will be V6 and V8 options as well as a Cummins diesel engine. It will be a year until the debut and so there is plenty of time for more spying and hopefully more glimpses and hints of what it might look like. There is even a chance that it may be able to progress and no longer be the bottom of the popularity list in this market sector.


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