Nissan Reveal their Terrano


Nissan Reveal their Terrano
The Nissan Terrano had a launch on 20th August in India and so is in production form, although it seems it is lacking in the US market. It is based on the Dacia Duster but promising to be an upscale version and so seemed very exciting. However, there seem to be no plans by Nissan to sell it in the US. It may be to do with emission laws or perhaps safety, but there seems to be no likelihood that it will ever appear.
The pictures of the car are rather poor quality, but it is still obviously a new Terrano. This is because of the trapezoidal grille and the new tail lights with the altered rear end. There is also a slight redesign to the hood and the door pillars have been blacked out which is quite different to the colour uses in the Duster. It looks like it will be cheap and good looking and so just the SUV that the marketplace is crying out for at the moment but hard to come by.


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