Nissan Qashqai Seen testing


Nissan Qashqai Seen testing
The Nissan Qashqai has been spotted in Southern Europe testing recently. The car, which will not be made available in the US, was covered in bin bags to disguise it and so there were few clues as to what it might look like.
It is expected that the car will see some exciting changes as Nissan seem to have made some pretty bold statements with their latest models. The pictures do indicate that it will be slimmer and sleeker but there is very little else to see except perhaps that it looks a bit less bug eyed than the test model that was recently seen. They are obviously planning a big unveiling which will be exciting.
It is expected that the Qashqai will have a range of engine choices from a 1.2 litre turbo to a 1.6 litre forced induction unit. The largest option is expected to give up to 215 horsepower. There is also expected to be diesel options for those that prefer it.


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