Next Mercedes-Benz S-Class spotted with features


Next Mercedes-Benz S-Class spotted with features
Ferris have spoken several words in reference to a classic Ferrari California. This is basically a replica of classic Ferrari, but it is expected that it would be quite similar to that of Mercedes-Benz S-Class AMG. In fact, it also resembles well with the spectacular model of 2012 S63, and it can indeed make everyone go speechless with its impressive new features. The current model is W221 that is currently in great demand, but Mercedes-Benz can’t sit back and rest on its laurels. In fact, the replacement of the company has definitely be spotted in the wheel of the Nürburgring
In fact, as we check out the features, we find that the chassis is slightly lowered and there is an extension along the side, as well. In addition to that, we also find a rear diffuser, and the wheels are massive, and it is completely wrapped in sticky rubber. Our spy shooters tells us that that this model is missing something important and the this is the sport quad exhaust tips that will emit gases largely.


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