Next Generation XF Sedan Being Worked on by Jaguar


Juguar XF Sedan Now that Jaguar have released their XE they now have more time to work on the XF  as well as perhaps replacing some of their other old models and a new crossover too. The current mid range sedan was released in 2007 and so is getting a bit dated. It looks like its successor is on the way though. Recent spy shots show the car and it is thought that it will be using the iQ A1 platform which is under the new XE car. It is thought that it will be lighter and more advanced than the current model. It is likely to have the same engines though which will be a mix of petrol and diesel and a range of cylinders from four to eight, to choose from. They may be a choice of forced induction or not and probably a plug in hybrid version released later on.

The current car has rear and all-wheel drive and so it is expected that the new model will have the same choice as well as the same sedan or wagon body style choices. The dual exhaust pipes as well as the low profile wheels make it look one of the prototypes would be near the top of the range whereas another one has a trailer hitch and taller side walls. The spy shots though show very disguised cars and so it is difficult to know what they really look like. However, it is expected it may look a bit like the XE and they will need to work hard in getting the design just right so that they can compete with the Masarati Ghibli as well as the Mercedes Benz E Class, BMW 5 series, Volvo S90, Cadalliac CTS and Audi A6.


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