Next Gen Volvo S60


next generation volvo s60


Next gen Volvo S60 interior promoted to the forefront. In the lounge there is something similar to the crystal plate, which serves as the central console, which is equipped with navigation system and other controls.

2011 S60 equip pedestrian detection system, which, incidentally, will be able to self-braking, if the driver does not react to warnings of a possible pedestrian. Perhaps the emergence of technology that will be able to prevent a blow from behind, but only if the speed of both vehicles is not great.

Also be automatic transmission with Powershift dual-clutch, 180-hp engine. Officially, the next gen S60 will  be present at the Frankfurt Auto Show.



  1. At the moment I drive a Volvo XC90 and am very happy with it overall…after this beauty comes to the showroom, am getting one for my wife…

    Awesome looking and almost identical to the concept. WOW, WOW, WOW…


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