Next Generation Mercedes E63 AMG caught on street in Spain undisguised


Call it luck or whatever but an alert Mercedes fan recently in Madrid, caught a snap of an undisguised Mercedes car that looks to be all new next coevals Mercedes Benz E63 AMG. After the photo shoot or video flash, one of the individuals who read about this story informed that the sedan was parked nearby in a skyscraper building. He saw it in the evening when the streets were being washed.
Few weeks back before this incident, a person snapped a camouflaged paradigm near the Nurburgring. According to the person who snapped the photo and as per views in the photo most of the car sides were kept hidden and covered. The photo revealed only the headlights of the new invention and by the looks car looked much cleaner in design and expensive as well. Coming back to AMG, the version looks to be chromed a little lower which will help its sales.
Recently, according to reports submitted keeping company leaked facts in mind that the new metal body will be designed completely novel except for the design of the roof & front doorways all will be new and unique. Under the new skin there will a completely superior suspension and it’s been said that the suspension will be profiled depending on different country road design. The car is being expected to be equipped with a night visual system capabilities to detect walkers and also moving animals. Car internals are required to be made from top quality leather used in good quantity to make car as comfortable as it can be.


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