Next gen Ford Ranger spied in Sweden


next generation ford ranger

Ford is testing the next generation Ranger in Europe, and shot these prototype of a double cab in the cold of Sweden. It seems like it will grow a little compared to the current version, from the photos it looks like it both wider and longer. Finally want have to look at those old Ranger mules , welded together to fit the new platform.

Ford will make this a “World-version”, meaning this generation will also replace the US version. And compared to the US version this will be slightly smaller, but in days like this it can only be right.

new gen ford ranger

next generation ranger

next ford ranger

2012 ford ranger spy

spy shots



  1. ford should give this truck to the us . not everybody wants to buy a toyota. nissan it is time to expand the passenger compartment off the ranger but dont make it so big that a v8 is needed to move it around turbo four or six is max . we all know that when the economy turns around gas will be bake at four dollars a gallon. towing capacitie about 3500 lbs. f150 are to darn big

  2. Last I heard Ford had dropped this from the US market…. mention of this for us is uplifting, but we’re still hopeful to see it. After all, not everyone wants a full-sized truck. I’ve had 4 Rangers already and currently have an F150; but I want a “NEW” Ranger!
    I want something that fits in a garage, and is as efficient as my first Ranger (3.0L, 5-spd, 2WD short bed) which got almost 28 mpg highway.


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