Next Gen LEAF Spyshots


Next Gen 2018 LEAF Spyshots (swiped from Green Car Reports article). Not a lot of detail other than 60 kwh pack likely (200-240 mile range @ 3.5-4.0 miles per kwh). A lot of speculation that 40 kwh will also be offered. No pricing yet but guessing it will be on par with Bolt/T3.

As always not a lot can be seen here but its looking like this will be a longer version which means a combination of more backseat leg room and more storage in the hatch.

**BUT** these spy shots are generally testing the drivetrain and electronics so imho, it looks too much like a Nissan gasser (I am COMPLETELY gasser illiterate) that I see running around all the time so I would not put a lot into the apparent shape cause I am suspecting its nothing but a mule.


  1. The dashboard and a top of the vehicles should have a solar panel built into it that can be replaced whenever it fails that might help charge up the battery during daytime hours and help extend the range


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