Next-gen 2014 Toyota Corolla caught testing in U.S.


Due to the increasing competition in the compact category, these latest spy shots of Toyota show that the company is becoming serious with the next generation Corolla. It is also considered as the second best selling model in the world. Although the past few designs of the Corolla were minor, according to these spy shots, the new model is considered to be more competitive in its styling. The boxy lines of the present Corolla model is replaced with a sloped hood as well as a shorter decklid borrowing design cues, which gives a very sporty look to the car model. These designs are inspired from other models such as 2012 Toyota Camry and 2013 Toyota Avalon. According to our experts, in the front end, the headlights come with a rounded and scalloped shape, which is similar to the latest Avalon. However, the L shape design of the tail lights is inspired from Camry. The car model, which is pictured here is considered to be a higher level, as it comes with HID lights, fog lights as well as possibly even the LED taillights. Like the exterior of this test model is cloaked with camouflage. However, our experts were able to notice the new three gauge instrument cluster, which is replacing the present two gauge layout of the car. This top end model also includes a chrome trim around the edges.
When it comes to the powertrain changes, the new model comes with an updates 1.8-liter four version, which is expected to bring more power as well as better fuel economy. It is expected that the transmission also come along with big changes. The six speed automatic engine will be replaced by the aging four-speed that is used in the current Corolla model. There is also a speculation that the new model may also come with a continuously variable transmission. As a 40 mpeg EPA highway ratings have become the standard factor in the sedan segment, we are expecting that the new model comes with a vastly improved fuel economy.
Production of the new 2014 Toyota Corolla is considered to start in the second quarter of 2013. There we are not surprised that car is displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show or the Detroit Auto Show.


  1. Less a mini Camry, more a bloated Yaris. Toyota USA will follow the design plan for the Japanese-market Corolla Axio: to build it on their Vitz (Yaris, to us) platform, and “plump it out”. Even the instruments are the same! The Japanese made their new Corolla Axio smaller–for tax purposes! To put the Corolla in a particular tax bracket for the 60+ demographic (yes, the 60+ demographic), they built it upon the Vitz platform. The next US-market Corolla will be a fat Yaris–make no mistake about it.


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