Next Bentley Continental Flying Spur caught


It seems like Bentley is on a different plane. The photographs from our spy team tried to get a glimpse of the car and gather details. As it has been out quite less for testing, the little that could be done has been done. Mostly a camouflage of Mercedes Benz S class. The headlamp pairing with upright grille is something new. There is something new offered by means of door handles too, as they are sitting a bit low than the earlier models and seems like the designers have worked on the side mirrors too, as they look a bit reworked as well. On the whole, it does seem too familiar. Bentley may underscore in terms of being the next flying spur, unless it actually comes up with something fitting the new generation league. If it opts for simply a facelift, it might just seem like the usual. As earlier, we thought the Flying Spur to have the appeal of a four-door look alike of Continental GT Coupe, that got a fresh look.
Even if we try to get to know more, Bentley isn’t going to offer much. It has kept mum on the drivetrain advancements. If there isn’t much work done, probably it would be similar to the twin turbocharged V8 as the Continental GT coupe giving a 500 hp. If this is how it is going to be, the buyers may find handling shifting changes with an eight speed automatic transmission. Without any doubt, it is certain that the W12 will continue too, similar to its coupe.



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