News on the Porsche Boxster and Cayman GTS (2014)


The Porsche Cayman GTS and the Boxster will be seeing new GTS models which have been upgraded. It is expected that they will both be seen at the Beijing Motor Show.
The cars will be rev=cieving the same chassis and drivetrain upgrades like the 997 GTS and Panamera GTS have. They will also get a SportDesign bodykit so that they stand out above other cars in the Porsche range.
There was a leak during a Porsche USA model briefing which has allowed certain details to be leaked out about the new cars.
The cars will be powered using a tuned up version of the same 3.4 litre flat six that is in the Boxter S and Cayman S. There will be a 15bhp increase in power to the Boxster GTS making it up to 330bhp in total and the Cayman GTS will get right up to 340bhp. Although this is not a huge difference it will still mean that each of the cars will be quicker by 0.1 sec getting from 0-62 compared with the S version. This means that the Cayman GTS will be able to do it in 4.9 seconds and the Boxster GTS in 5 seconds in the manual version.
There will be two transmission options in the cars with both of them having the option of a manual and automatic. This PDK box paddleshift is an option but the Porsche Active Suspension Management will be fitted as standard on both of the cars. What this does is allows the driver to switch between the Sport and Normal modes by pressing a button. It works by damping the system and the Porsches that have it installed are 10mm lower which means that their agility is better.
The GTS cars also come with 20 inch Carrera S alloys as standard. These are different to the 19 inch tyres seen in recent spy pictures as that was a test car in winter tyres. The Cayman GTS has yellow callipers which belong to the Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes. It is expected that these will be part of an expensive option probably £5,000 more than the smaller steel alternatives.
Both models of Porsche will also have a 918 Spyder-like body kit. Spy shots have shown that he front bumper is different with LED running lights that are slim as well as air intakes that are more angular. There is also a rear diffuser that has a more aggressive look with twin exhausts coming from it. Both of the cars have pop-up wings.
It is expected that the GTS cars will cost several thousand pounds more than the ‘S’ versions of their respective models. The Cayman GTS is expected to cost £52,000 to £53,000 and the Boxster GTS will probably be over £50,000. This might sound dear but compared to the cheapest 911 at £73,413 may seem quite a bargain.
The cars will be on sale in May 2014 and will be debuting in Beijing in April.


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