News on the 2015 Mercedes S-class Pullman


News on the 2015 Mercedes S-class Pullman
It looks like Mercedes is very near to completing its next Pullman limo which will be above the S-class long wheelbase model in its hierarchy of cars.
There have been a selection of pictures filed with the European patent office that show what the model is going to look like. It certain looks very much like you would expect a limo to look with owners not expecting to be driving or even sitting in the front of them.
However, the cars will still be powerful. The engine in the car pictured has a V12 twin turbo as in the S600 which is 6.0 litre and capable of 523 bhp and 612 lb/ft torque. It is a little bit less that the S63AMg but it is still a good strength to manage to pull the heavy limo at a good speed.
The Pullman is a pretty impressive vehicle and is not just a longer version of the other cars in the Mercedes range. Firstly it has a new rear roofline and this means that it gives lots of headroom for tall hats, tall people or anything else. There are also additional rear windows and so it can be seen from the pictures that the furthest back seat will be a very long way back. The back door is realty big as well which means that it could fit another row of seats in the centre which could be rear facing and make a mobile conference room.
The actual length is not easy to judge but it seems that the wheelbase is probably about 4330mm compared with the normal S600 which is 3165 so this gives significantly more space. The S600 itself has a longer version of the wheelbase used for the smaller S-class vehicles.
This means that there is over a meter of extra bodywork and this is likely to mean that the performance will not be as good as the S600. However this can reach 60mph in under 5 seconds it should still be pretty good and it will be interesting to find out exactly what it will be capable of.
It is expected that a swell as being long the car will also have a selection of interesting gadgets. It is expected that these might form part of the standard range of Mercedes in ten years of so but at the moment exclusive to this. Things like LED lighting all over the car as well as radar and camara guided cruise control which will almost make the car self-driving. It is expected that there will also be airbags inside the seatbelts.
This car is expected to come with a £250,000 price and will be the ultimate S-class car. There will be an additional model though. This will have a shorter wheelbase but a similar roofline and therefore a bit more realistic as an everyday car as it will not be so huge.
It is expected that this will be called Maybach and it has been seen testing a few times. It is expected that both of the models will debut later in the year and it could possibly be seen in November in Los Angeles but only time will tell.


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