News of the Weight and Power of the Next Audi A5


The new Audi A5 will be reducing its weight by 100kg and also getting rid of the V8 engine. This loss in weight should help the car to be able to compete with the new BMW 4 series with regards to handling. The car should appear in 2015 and then six months after the cabriolet is due to arrive with the Sportback due in 2016.

This cut in weight will also help the fuel economy figures for the car which will mean that it will not even have to downsize the engine. It will have a detuned 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine which will give 177bhp and the diesel engine will mainly be a 2.0 TDI which will give 197 bhp. There will be other engine options though.

This 100kg reduction in weight does seem rather extreme, especially for car in such a specific niche. However, the A4 sipnoof did do very well for Audi and this started as a Coupe. Sales of the A5 also managed just a bit under half of what the A4 sold in Europe, which is pretty good for a car in this sort of niche.

This new model will still be based on the Walter de Silva design but will work hard to correct the bad reputation the car has received for its handling being numb. It is hoping that the weight loss will help it to be more agile and this will be achieved by putting in lighter and smaller ancillaries in the engine, aluminium panels and hollow spoke wheels. This will mean that the car does not need to lose any of its luxurious features, which is often the case when models lose weight.

There will be a selection of power options available for this new model. It is likely to offer a 227bhp 2.0 litre TFSI turbo. The S5 will see its V6 with turbocharger should increase to 340bhp from 328. This will mean that its 0-60 time will be reduced to 4.5 seconds.
The cabriolet and RS5 Coupe will also return but the engines will be a V6 with twin turbochargers as giving 475 bhp compared with the V8 which gives only 444bhp installed in the current car. The V6 engines will have am eight speed gearbox with twin clutch paired up with them.

It is also expected that the E tron plug-in will be fitted so that the A5 can take advantage of the hybrid technology so it will have about 30 miles of electric power before the petrol engine will need to kick in.


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