News of the SVT Mustang 2015


There have been a few details about the 2015 Ford Mustang let out by some of the people at Road and Track. From the first pictures of it on the road, it can be seen that it will be sleek and likely to take a lot of styling cues from the Evos as well as having an independent rear suspension. However the new details add more to this.
It is expected that the base Ford Coupe model will have a V6 engine, probably the same 3.7 litre as the current version. It is likely that there will then be a four cylinder EcoBoost which will be around 2.3 litres and up to 350 horsepower. There will also be a 5.0 litre Coyote V8 which will reach around 450 horsepower.
It is the high end range that has all of the interest though. It is thought that the top shelf model will not have a supercharger in the engine which means that it will have a naturally aspirated grunt. It is also likely that it will not be called the Shelby but a name that we are more familiar with (so perhaps Cobra?)
It is expected that we will see an uncamouflaged version of the car before the year is out, so watch out for that one!


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