News of the Audi Q1


A new illustration has been put together, showing what the Audi Q1 might look like. A German artist has given their impression of the small but premium crossover which will be positioned just below the Q3. Audi did release a sketch of the car when they announced that it was being produced but this new one adds to this. The design of the car will draw details from the Crosslane coupe that debuted last year at the Paris auto show. This could mean that it will have the same body shape although the Crosslane was a three door and the Q1 will be a five door model. The inside of the care will be high quality and also modern and it could have completely digital instruments.
It is expected that this new car will allow Audi to take a lead in the small crossover part of the car market. The CEO, Rupert Stadler has said that the car is all part of the Q-brand strategy and that the Q1 will be the start of an expanding range. The Crosslane was supposed to show a new direction in design for the SUV cars and much of this has been taken over to the Q1. The Q1 was designed by Wolfgang Egger, who has since moved on and so the style may be reviewed by the new designer, Marc Lichte and so the rest of the Q range may change.
The car will use the MQB modular transversal architecture which is common in many models. This means that there will be a lot of options with regards to technology and electronics. It will not have everything though because it will need to show some distinction between it and the Q3.
There will be a 1.4 litre four cylinder engine with a six speed manual or seven speed automatic clutch system. There will also be an option of a 1.4 litre turbo diesel. Later it is expected that here will be a SQ1 with a 230hp engine2.0 litre four and plug-in hybrid option as well with a 1.2 litre four engine. It is expected though that if it did go to the US, that there would only be the petrol and diesel 1.4 litre engine options. There will be front wheel drive as standard with an option of Quattro all wheel drive as well.
Competition will be seen from the BMW X1, Mercedes Benz GLA class and Audi Q3. It is expected that it will be revealed in autumn 2015 and then launched in 2016. If it does appear in the US prices are likely to be around the $25,000 mark.


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