New Toyota RAV4 Update Coming Soon


New Toyota RAV4 Update Coming Soon

The Toyota RAV4 is coming out with a major revamp, and it was last changed in 2006. It’s gotten a few minor modifiactions since then, but the compact crossover arena is a constantly changing area that is always saturated with tough competition from around the world, and Toyota must have the RAV4 to keep its hard-won market share.The spy photographers are saying that the RAV4 redesign is coming up very soon. Taking a look at these spy photos, it would seem like Toyota is keeping to the boundaries of pavement, a smart decision, as cars of this ilk don’t go too far off the beaten. The new headlamps and taillamps are very edged and angular. It has a lot of styling that is co-aligned with the Camry and Avalon, and it still puts its people over the heads of smaller machinery.

The brand new 2013 RAV4 will come into production in the late fall of 2012, and it will have a good range of four-cylinder engines and maybe a hybrid engine that is coming out. People would be a little amazed if the carmaker’s 3.5-liter V6 wasn’t available, too. You can check out the spy photographs in the high-resolution image gallery too.


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