New Spy Video Of The BMW F80 M3


New Spy Video Of The BMW F80 M3

The new BMW F80 M3 is coming out, and it will have a V6 engine when it comes out next year.

BMW aficionados are hardly pleased about the transition from a turbo-charged Vmodel engine instead of the usually high-revved natural aspirated solution. A lot of people are wondering if it is a big rumor.
There is some audio evidence that is coming out, along with this awesome new spy video. The audio was captured from Nurburgring, and the engine is easy to hear as it runs around the track giving off a high-pitched sound.

According to a former report, the M3 will use a brand new 3.0-liter V6 engine that will have dual turbochargers that can go up to 429hp and 548Nm.

You can learn more below by learning about the V6 and I6.

Video BMW


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