New Spy Shots Of The 2014 Jaguar XE


It was all the way back in November of 2011 when we first spotted the Jaguar C-X16 Concept, and it was the future competitor to the Porsche 911, and it was spotted in a brand new white paint job at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The C-X16 Concept had just come out a few months before at the Frankfurt Auto Show, and the Jaguar representatives were extremely excited that it was coming out in America. Even though it had the tag of concept, it was obvious that it was going to be built, and they even quoted a potential price range of $80K and $110K.

It’s wonderful to finally see the test car getting some miles going. The black prototype had a lot of fake fender flares and fake fasciae at both ends. Even the door handles were really big, and they were encircled by transparent screws. The rear spoiler looked tacked onto the body too. Unless Jaguar is going in the direction of the exposed-rivet look of the elegant Bugatti Type S7SC Atlantic, then bet on the finished look to be the same as the limber C-X16 Concept.

This 2-passenger sports mobile will probably be called the XE, and it will work on a shorter and flatter version of the XK platform. There is a supercharged and direct-injected V-6 engine, and it is paired with a tiny electric motor that will have a push-to-pass button on the steering wheel itself, powering the C-X16 Concept car. A very high-output V-6 seems like the likeliest option for the XE, and a hybrid variant or V-8 powered high-performance car could also come into production.

Jaguar has been coming out with hybrid technology, and it has even used micro-turbines, and there were a number of recent vehicles that came out. It wouldn’t be odd if that kind of engineering came into the XE.


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