New Spy Pictures of the Mercedes C63 AMG (2014)


New Spy Pictures of the Mercedes C63 AMG (2014)
The picture looks like a current Mercedes C-class at a glance, but the disguise shows that it is certainly not. A harder look reveals that it is the C63 AMG which is due to be launched very soon.
The car is expected to be shown this year at the Paris Motor show and to really shine there. There are similarities with the old model but it is expected that it will have new features and a change of engine from the 6.2 litre V8 which was naturally aspirated to a turbo charged one. It is expected that it will probably be a version of the 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 that has been used in the AMG GT sports car.
It is not yet known whether the C63 will be a high as the 465bhp or 503bhp horsepower that the GT has. However, it will be weighing more than it which means that it is unlikely to be able to outperform it. It might get all the horsepower because it will not be able to be a quicker car even if it has the same power.
There are two power outputs in the GT which means that there may be a standard 63 as well as an S model as well. There would have the same exhaust flap technology as the GT which stops the turbochargers supressing the sound so that the impact is still good and the car is still impressive and draws attention.
It may also get a similar thing to the Dynamic Plus Package which is an option in the GT. This has active engine and transmission mounts which give good performance but do not compromise on the comfort. There is a limited slip which is electronically controlled on the GT as well.
It is also expected that there will be an adaptive suspension package as well. With 0-62 in 4 seconds and the top speed of 155mph, which is limited but with an AMG performance pack can be made higher. There will also be a seven speed paddle shift automatic with rear wheel drive as standard but there could be a four wheel drive 4matic on the cards for the future.
It is expected that the new V8 design is more efficient and therefore it should be able to achieve 30mpg or higher. However, turbo chargers are hard to keep cool and so there are enlarged vents over the bumpers to help with this. There is also a high pressure area at the bottom of the windscreen which is used to force air into some ducting under the bonnet that is moved to the front of the engine which flows over the turbos to cool them and then under the car.
There is some camouflage on the car photographed which looks to be hiding some of the body styling. It seems like the side skirts, rear diffuser and reprofiled boot which has a lip spoiler. There are quadruple rhomboid exhaust pipes which show that it is an AMG though, even though other features are covered up.
There are red brake calipers which could suggest that the brake package has been upgraded which could point towards an S model or they could just have used this could to make it stand out from the rest of their C-class range of cars. It would be expected that if carbon ceramic brakes are an option they would probably be bronze as that is how things have worked so far.
It is expected that the first C63 will be a four door saloon and maybe in Paris the estate will also be there. This means that it will be ready to launch later this year or early in 2015 which is more likely in the UK.
It is expected that in September there will be a C63 coupe which will compete with the BMW M4 and will therefore appear at Frankfurt Motor show. It is also almost inevitable that there will be a Black Series especially as the head of V8 development for the AMGs has already said that there is room for more power.
AMGs do tend to be expensive though compared to the M Division and the Quattro GmbH and so it is expected that this will start ay £60,000 for the saloon.


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