New Spy Pictures of the Acura NSX


The car pictured was a Acura NSX which is almost production ready by the looks of the snaps. In most of the world the car will be sold as a Honda but an Acura in some parts too. There have been many different NSX concept cars seen since the first one in 2012 and each has had different grilles and badges as well as some other changes in features. This is the most recent design has now been seen out in testing. However, this prototype did not last long as it burst in to flames a while after the photos were taken.
The model shows that the shape may still be evolving. The doors look to be more sculpted and the side intake is much further down than in previous prototypes seen. Many of the details do not work yet such as the unmatching wheels and unfitting mirrors. The headlights are likely to be different as well as the new LED ones are much more likely to be used than these HID ones. The air intakes are in the bumper which could indicate that the grille may change in shape as well. There are also hood vents in this model which were not seen in the prototype that was released last year.
It is expected that the inside will have a design like the Porsche 911 as in the one that was previewed last year. Ted Klaus, the project leader had previous explained that the vehicle has to fit the human being.
Many people will welcome the news that the NSX is returning. It is also important for Acura as it needs a flagship and this could very well be it as supercars have a way of improving the status of a brand that may have become boring otherwise. It is expected to be the first Acura which will have a six figure price which will certainly lift it in to the luxury brand area.
The technology will be exciting in the NSX as well. It will have a V6 with twin turbos and three electric motors as well as an automatic gearbox with dual clutch. It will be a hybrid which will have an electric motor integrated in it with two motors, one for each front wheel. It will all be connected together using the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system which is similar to that used by the RLX sedan although on there it is in reverse with the electric motors connected to the rear wheels rather than the front ones. However, the system will not just be a reverse of this one but it will have it own parts as well. It is expected that it will manage over 500 horsepower and it will be competing with other powerful cars such as the Porsche 911 and the Ferrari 458 Italia.
Other competition will be from the Nissan GT-R, Audi R8 and Jaguar F-Type R Coupe. It is expected that it will appear on the market before the middle of 2015 and will be priced around the $100,000 range.


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