New spy photos – Range Rover Sport


New Range Rover sport

The new Range Rover Sport wrap will appear in summer 2009.
Fresh spy photos show how new car passes the winter tests. Apart from the new front bumper, competitor Porsche Cayenne includes some refinement, and other styles, which were made with the agreement of the current owners of the car.

Inside, the most noticeable change is the new panel devices. Accomplished in the style of the new Jaguar XK, it attaches cars freshness while remaining classic. Passing the winter tests was completed with a car without a key ignition system, which suggests that the new Sport will be staffed by the new system “keyless go.”
Range Rover sport spy

Range Rover Sport

new Range Rover

The new Range Rover Sport will be presented at theĀ 2009 Geneva Motor Show


  1. I’m a Range Rover Sport owner I love the suv. But it could use more comfort & leg room in the rear seat.

  2. haveing owned both Full Fat RR and several sports, i think that a park heater option should be added, like it’s big brother. thius has to be the best optional extra ever.


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