New Spy Photos Of The Next-Gen Audi Q7 Coming Out


Audi has started development on the next generation Q7 SUV, and the spies have caught a few photos of it, and it was out during cold-weather testing when they caught some photos of it. It has the body of the current model of Q7 V12 TDI, and it is easily identifiable because of the gigantic air intakes that are part of the front fascias. The front overhang on this model is much shorter, and the fenders have a little more beef added to them. There are also extended exhaust pipes at the rear end too. The final styling of the Audi should have a sleek and sporty design that is better than the current clunky model.
Audi is planning on putting the Q7 on a heavy diet to get rid of the basic kerb weight with the new MLB-evo platform coming out. The previous generation had Volkswagen’s PL71 platform that underpinned the Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg too.


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