New Spy Photos of the Audi TT Roaster


New Spy Photos of the Audi TT Roaster
This car photographed is a very well disguised Audi TT Roaster which is due in 2015 to replace the current convertible. There are still some interesting things to see though, despite the heavy disguise. The canvas soft top shows that the coupe easily will convert and will have a push button operation to put the top up and down.
It can be seen that there are rollover hoops behind the seats and these have an interesting style to them. Some car makers have done away with these and have pop-up protectors which appear in a crash but Audi has decided to stick with the fixed bars in theirs. This is interesting decision, but could keep the cost down and will also allow a style features to be made of the bars.
It is expected that the TT Roadster will be in UK showrooms by summer next year. It will have a range of different body styles, which are expected to be the same options which are available in the coupe model. It is therefore expected that there will be three different engine choices. These will be the Audi TT Roaster 2.0 TFSI and TDI and the Audi TTS Roadster. These can do 227bhp, 182bhp and 306bhp respectively. There are likely to be other options following later.
The UK pricing has not yet been announced but at the moment the current Roaster is £2015 more than the coupe and so it is possible that the difference could be similar. This could mean that it could have a £31,875 starting price for the 2.0 TFSI. That sounds expensive but there are likely to be cheaper and smaller option to follow in the future, but you may have to wait quite some time to get these.


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