New Spy Photographs Captured Of The 2013 Cadillac SRX


GM, and the Cadillac division itself, have finally understood what it takes to keep up with the competitors. They are making slight but gradual improvements. They already put the Cadillac SRX through a whole round of mechanical improvements, and this gave the car a lot more power and enhanced fuel economy, and there was a 308-bhp V-6 engine put inside it with an automatic transmission that also had a fuel-saving mode. For the 2013 season, Cadillac is working hard on crafting its sharp, 5-passenger car.
The Change Goes Beyond The Exterior

The spy photographs have revealed a new SRX with no camouflage on it whatsoever. There was a slight covering on the front grille, and there was a little black tape on a lone headlight, but that wasn’t much, and you could still imagine the whole car if you really tried. The new model of SRX that is coming out is going to be very similar to the current existing one right now. There is a slight change in the grille. The fascia has also been modified too. There are some really great lines in this new version which carry over from the old version.

There are new bigger changes that are planned ahead, and there will be a touchscreen in the model too. There will be a big touch-screen to work with now. This will take away some distraction for the driver. There is a camera that responds to hand movements. There are also a lot of voice controls. The software can even be enhanced when you need it to be.

The Cadillac will be revealed at the New York Auto Show, and it will be seen by the media on April 4th or 5th.


  1. What I really like about this car is that it is big enough for the family. It also looks great and has a great review. Nice post.


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