New Sports Cars to Look for – Mazda MX-5 and Alfa Romeo Spider


Fiat Group reveled in May 2012 that the company will be co-developing the Alfa Romeo Spider. However, the new Mazda MX-5 also grabbed the attention of CAR. Today, we are ready to show you the new artistic impressions that will show how the Japanese-Italian fusion will look on the road when they fly. This is also considered to be one of the most awaited and exciting prospects for many years. This fusion is going to be great as it will have the blend of Italian design Alfa Romeo’s style with Japanese reliability as well as back-to-basics MX-5 purity. According to the experts, this is considered as a marriage made in the heaven. For sure, this duo will be seen in 2015.
The Real Looks of Mazda MX-5 and Alfa Romeo Spider:
Before providing information on these models, it is very important for you to understand that this is an artist’s impression. None of use still knows the exact looks and specifications of this sports car twin will look alike. However, with the rules of the jigsaw identification, we are able to figure out how they look up to some extent.
As the MX-5 has not deviated much from their original 1989 recipe, our sources working with Mazda suggest that the same evolutionary style will be continued. However, according to the experts, the new model will be pepped up with the new ‘Kodo’ design language, which is usually seen on new 6 family cars. This means an exaggerated Mazda grille and pointier front face. However, the important footprint of the 2015 model MX-5 will not change much.
Therefore, according to the experts, the Alfa Romeo Spider will not be entirely different. However, the hard points of the model will be shared. Moreover, each brand is allowed to graft their own grilles as well as corporate jewelries according to their own style and preference. Let us hope that they are considered to be more flexible than the Subaru BRZ and identikit Toyota GT86 twins.
The Statements from Mazda and Alfa Romeo:
As the details of the Spider/MX-5 project remains limited, there are some new nuggets that have been announced in a very formal statement.
This is also considered as a study call for both the brands like Fiat and Mazda for developing two differentiated, iconic, distinctly styled and brands specific light weight roadster. According to the company experts, these models feature a rear wheel drive. The Alfa Romeo and the Mazda variants will be powered specifically designed proprietary engines that are unique to each brand.
The basic assumption of the project states that both the vehicle model will be produced a the Hiroshima, Japan plant of Mazda. The production of the Alfa Romeo will be starting in 2015.
Engine Specification of the new Alfa Romeo Spider
According to the experts of the company, each brand will be sticking with their own engine specifications. CAR also understood that the Spider will be using the 1750TBi four-cylinder that is specially tuned to produce 200bhp. It is also mated to a 7-speed twin clutch TCT transmission.
The experts from CAR also understood that he Italian roadster will be sticking back with a folding soft top rather than using the folding hard top of Mazda MX-5. However, you should keep the fingers crossed to ensure that the pure rear wheel drive of Mazda will come along with the new Alfa Romeo Spider.


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