New Skoda/VW mule spotted in Sweden


volkswagen skoda mule

Is it an Octavia? Is it a Golf ? No it’s a Skodawagen Golavia ,-)

all new volkswagen skoda mule

Here is a new strange Skoda/VW mule spotted in Sweden. From the looks it’s a Skoda Octavia body with a VW Golf front but underneath is something completely new, the question is just what? As we can read on a sticker on the dash this mule has the new MQB platform (or IS3-MQB-A as the sticker says).

vw skoda mule interior

And we can also see that the rear fenders are wider than a standard Octavia. So, is it a mule for the new Skoda Octavia? Or can it be a mule for the upcoming Audi A3 sedan? We already know that Audi are running mules for the A3 hatchback under wider VW Golf bodies.

2012 volkswagen skoda mule

vw skoda mule

2012 vw skoda mule

We just have to wait and see, but in the meantime we will try to find out more information about this mule.

Maybe someone knows what this ????


  1. Pretty sure this is Octavia III. Look at the rear lights; there’s nothing like that in production now.

  2. This is the VW Golf (Jetta) for the Chinese market, as the same situation Skoda Superb (1.type) in the Chine market is VW Passat. Best regards from Czech Republic


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