New Shots of the Range Rover 2013 Sport


It will not be long before the Range Rover Sport will be premiered but the latest spy shots ate still managing to reveal some new exciting details. The car is not so disguised and so it is possible to see the floating roof and power dome bonnet.
There has also been sighting of another test model which has got Brembo brakes that has been updated and it has been concluded from this that the RRS range will have a supercharged V8 version as its flagship model. There will also be two types of diesel V6 so that drivers can have the choice of a cheaper model, should they require it.
The Brembo brakes are currently used on the Range Rover Sports fastest range which also uses the 5.0 litre supercharges V8 engine from the Jaguar Land Rover. This was seen firstly in the Jaguar XFr and XKR. Brembo uses 360mm ventilated discs made of cast iron with monolock callipers that have six pistons. They need to be good as they have to slow down the Range Rover sport from 140mph and that is no small task with its massive weight of 2590kg. The new RRS will be a light lighter than the current car though because they have switched much of the steel to aluminium. The Brembos are available on the more regular models as well as the sports ones.
The spy shots also show us that the rear section rakes back steeply, which differs from the Range Tover. It also has a downward curve towards the rear window which is different to the straight running Evoque.
It does look like a lot of the style has been taken from the Evoque which is a trendier design. The car will be revealed later in March at the New York Motor Show.


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