New Shots of the Porsche 911 Turbo Out of Disguise


Some new spy pictures have revealed the look of the Porsche 911 Turbo, which is the first opportunity we have had to see it without camouflage on. The restyle does look low tech though, but it is likely that underneath they will be a lot more power.
This will be the fastest 991 yet and so it is expected to be exciting. It has reshapes air intakes on the front with a wider splitter. It will have four dot Led headlights like the new 991 GT3 has. It will have fitted centre-lock wheels like the 997 Turbo S has. It will also have carbon-ceramic brakes. These may become standard, replacing the steel discs on all models, but this has not been confirmed.
The wing mirrors have changed to an aerodynamic style and they are mounted on the door panels like the 991 range, which differs from being places on the A-pillar like the old models did. The rear arches have large intakes as well. The body is wider and in the Carrera style which means that there can be larger rear rubber and track.
There are four exhausts and additional vents on the back which identify it as a Turbo and there is also a rear wing like a bi-plane. The aerofoil may look a little unsophisticated but it is active and so will rise up if the car goes above 75mph which will give the stability required at this high speed. You can see evidence of this by looking for the split in the wing above the centre brake light where there is a panel gap.
The 911 Turbo will have the rear-wheel steering and PDK paddleshift that the (11 GT3 has as well its electric power steering. It will have 520bhp while the Turbo S model will have 560bhp and therefore be able to compete with the 542bhp that the Nissan GTR produces. The 8911 Turbo will have a 0-62mph time of around just three seconds.


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