New Rolls-Royce coupe caught testing- Corniche Comeback


New Rolls-Royce coupe caught testing- Corniche Comeback
The fact remains that Rolls Royce has offered Corniche for over a decade now. This was in fact the name that the company shared for its models launched somewhere around the 1970’s. Going by what our team of photographers has put forth, it seems there an end to the drought season. Based on the spy reports on the Rolls Royce Corniche Coupe 2014, which is an upcoming model that is on the same lines of the Rolls Royce Ghost, there is something to look out for. The fake door handles can be passed, there are the rear doors seen on the test mules. Just like the Phantom Coupe, the Corniche will also come with two suicide doors.
You will find the powertrain from the Ghost Sedan; this means there will be 6.6 liter V12. It is likely to see BMW rolling out its new Roller offering to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013. Until then, our team will watch out for more in the offering, more prototypes, which includes oft-rumored convertible.


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