New Rendering of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GT AMG


There has been a new rendering of the Mercedes-Benz GT-AMG made available from a German source and it is said to be the most realistic impression so far. The car has two doors and is a sports car based on the SLS AMG. It will be in direct competition with the Porsche 911 and it seems that the shape will be very similar to that car. It will have many of the features of the SLS but without the gullwing doors that are a trademark of that model.
As well as being similar to the SLS it will also have some styling based around the new trends at Mercedes. The shape as well as the vents and grilles are very much like the SLS but the lower air intakes look like those on the E63 AMG and the lines on the door panels and LED lights signature look like the ones on the S-class.
The car will be compact, more so than the SLS being deisgned for daily driving. It will therefore be more comfortable as well, in the same way that the 911 has evolved in to a Grand Tourer it will have this sort of thing in mind.
This is because the car appeals to a small market. It needs to make sure that it does things right with regards to its price and styling and therefore is more conservative. This will also fit in with the brands idea of being more aggressive and younger in its overall image to try to appeal to the younger market.
The car will have a platform that provides rear wheel drive and a front mid engine. This is derived from the one on the SLS. The weight of the car will be 3300 pounds in total and a lot of that will come from the aluminium and high strength steel in the platform.
Energy efficiency is being considered with this cat and so there will be a V8 with twin turbo and 4.0 litres which will be capable of around 500 horsepower. There may be a detuned model at standard entry level and then the GT will probably have the Black Series engine with 600 horsepower. There will be a seven speed, automatic gearbox.
As well as competition form the Porsche 911, the Gt AMG weill also be up against the Audi R8, Masarati GranTurismo, Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Jaguar F-Type.
It is expected that it will arrive next autumn possibly as a 2015 or 2016 model in showrooms. Prices are likely to start at $120,000.



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