New presidential Limo News


There have been rumours around the Nurburgring that there will be a new MP4-12C with an upgrade from its twin turbo 616 hp 3.8 litre V8 to produce up to 641 hp.
This ties in with news that the secret service are looking for a new armoured limousine. Therefore there have been a lot of people speculating as to what this might mean. The current car is nicknames ‘The Beast’ and is based on a Cadillac DTS which is no longer sold. It could be General Motors will be asked again to make a car for them and considering they still own some of the company, then this would be no surprise. The limo shape is likely to be similar to the new XTS, if this is the case. However some presidential whops have chosen alternatives to Cadillac.
Lincoln has actually provided more limousines than Cadillac. The first car that was modified for a commander in chief was actually a 1939 Lincoln K-series used by Franklin d Roosevelt. In 1989 the last president to use a Lincoln was George H W Bush who used a Town car. If Obama decided that he wanted a Lincoln then it could be likely to be a transformed MKS Sedan or MKT Crossover.
There is also a possibility for Chrysler. Nixon had two Pentastar limos in the 70’s and then in the 80’s once he left office he has a K-car limo. Obama has modest links with Chrysler in that he owned one himself before he was elected. He would certainly look stylish in a 300-based beast.
At this stage everything is just speculation though. The secret service are not giving anything away. There are only rumours that the new limo will have a heavy duty truck chassis and any US car makers are capable of providing them with that.


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