New Porshe Macan Details Seen


The new Porsche Macan has been spotted recently and some telling photographs taken. This mini Cayenne is due to go on sale in 2014 and it has been out and about on a test drive. The platform is one that is shared by Audi but it will be very much more sporty. The pictures taken give a few more clues to what it could be like.
All About the Styling
The photos show that the car has features which no other Porsche have, so that it stands out. It has a hacked bumper and stickers with the rear D pillar having a fake chrome kink. These are something that could be welcomed by some but others may feel it would be better looking more like the restof the Porsche family. However, Michael Mauer, the design chief told CAR magazine that they have not yet decided whether these will stay. It may be changed to look more like a more typical Porsche, but that decision will be taken later.
The test car was a five door model but it is possible that there will be a two door coupe version as well. At the same interview Michael Mauer, stated that it could easily have four or two doors but we would have to wait and see. This is slightly frustrating, but it is possible that they have not yet decided what they are going to do.
How Sporty Will It Be?
He went on to explain that the car will be the sportiest car among its competitors. This is because it will have a better spec than things like the baby Range Rover which are in its class. There will be a 2.0 and 3.0 diesel with 187 and 261 horsepower. There will also be two petrol options offering 237 and 288 horsepower. There will additionally be a turbo version with 345 horsepower and a hybrid which will use the Audi Q5 Hybrid technology. Plenty to choose from, but whether all of these versions will be available in all countries, will remain to be seen.
Is This is Necessary Porche?
You may think there are enough cars in this part of the market but Porsche has some serious sales targets to hit and with the Macan costing £35,000 it will be their cheapest five door and therefore should be a serious contender. They aim to be building 200,000 vehicles a year by 2018 and so this and their new sports saloon, available from 2016 should help them to reach this target. They are hoping that the Macan will sell 75,000 units a year which will be a significant increase in their sales and should help to edge them towards that almighty target.


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