New Pictures of the Audi RS3 Sportback


New Pictures of the Audi RS3 Sportback
The new Audi RS3 is being seen with less and less disguise lately which means that it is getting closer to being revealed. The latest information about the car is that it will arrive early next year and will get to 360bhp.
It looks like the trend in the hot hatch market at the moment is to turbo charge and downsize and massive power figures sometimes make the cars better to drive, but not always. It is hoped that the Audi RS3 will fall into the category of being a vehicle that will be stimulating and fun to drive and not just lots of power with little else.
The new Audi RS3 has been seen on the Nurburgring in testing and it looks like it is getting fasting with less disguise on it. The body shell looks like the five door Audi A3 which implies that it will be a Sportback only which is the same as was done last time. The model cannot be that different to the last one seen in April but as there is less disguise it is easier to see what is actually going on.
The front end of the car has large air scoops and there are bulging wheel arches that can be seen which stick out more than a regular car. It is thought that underneath are 20 inch alloy wheels which are thought to be similar to those on the VW Golf R but they will have 10 spokes rather than nine, still in a light weight design.
It can be seen that the roof rails follow the roof line and they lead to a spoiler which is built in and kicked up to manage the air flow as it comes to the back of the car. There is a glossy black panel on this model as well. There are twin exhausts in an oval shape with a diffuser on the back as well. It is expected that there will be a 2.5 litre dive cylinder turbo engine, an evolution of the last one but capable of 360 bhp with 345 lb/ft torque.
It is expected that there will be a seven speed S-tronic twin clutch transmission and it will therefore be aimed at the same market as the Mercedes A45 AMG as both have similar engines and other features.
The RS3 sportback is expected to start being produced in January 2015 which means that it could be available for sale in the UK in the spring or summer next year. It is hoped that it might sound as good as the last model, but also that it will be fun to drive as well.


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