New Photographs Of The BMW M135i In 2012 Spotted At Nurburgring


There was a new BMW concept car released at the 2012 Geneva motor show. Fans said it would end up as a road car, and there is a new hot hatchback that came out as a result of it, and it was seen testing recently at Nurburgring.
There have been some spy pictures captured of it as it underwent a lot of reliability testing and high speed testing in the nation of Germany out there.

Tell me a little backstory on the BMW M135i again.

Everyone knows about the M1, M3, and M5 cars. There is now an M performance division that is going to come out soon. There are the higher-end M division cars and the more aesthetically appealing M sport cars.

The BMW M135i is somewhere in between the 135i and the very rare series 1-series M Coupe.

Interestingly, BMW used to offer a lot of these M badges on diverse models. It was the forerunner to the M5, the original performance car. It’s part of a blueprint to help get back the ground that was lost by Audi’s S models.

Just how powerful is the M135i?

It will have a 3.0-litre six engine with 300 bhp. It is very similar to the concept car. It will have rear-wheel drive, but it won’t have an M spec clever differential to apportion torque.

It will have some great blue brakes too. It will have 18 inch alloys too. There will be bespoke bumpers and tinted windows with dual exhaust pipes and a great rear undertray.

The M135i will come out in UK showrooms in the end of 2012, and it will come in at a price of around $30,000. It’ll go above the 125i hatch. The 135i is the singular hatchback that will be coming out in the 1-series.


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