New Mercedes S-Class Turning into 600 Pullman Limo?


Mercedes-Benz has decided that it will not be upping it line of luxury limousines. However, it will be stretching out its S-class to make a 600 Pullman version instead.
The spy shots of the new model show that it has huge rear doors and a large set of B pillars which will allow it to have a huge rear space. One of the pictures reveals an s-class alongside it and the long wheelbase helps for a useful comparison of the vehicles. There is a lot of disguise so it is not possible to see much of the exterior design. However, it is likely that the fascias and lights will be changed as these parts are heavily camouflaged, time will tell what these will look like.
It is expected that the M-B’s twin turbocharged V12 engine will be used but there is talk of a possible hybrid option as well, which may be developed later on.


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