New Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet Photographed


New Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet Photographed
The Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet is the new S-class car which will be joining the family next year. It has been pictured by CAR magazine’s photographers and shows that a concept car can actually turn up as an actual model. It was in December 2006 when Mercedes showed the Ocean Drive show car and then it debuted a month later in Detroit. This seems to happening again seven years later with the prototype Cabriolet having no top. It has actually gone from a four door to a two door as well although it does still have four seats.
This is a small niche in the market but it seems like Daimler thinks that it is worth exploiting those fans of a topless Mercedes. It will compete with cars such as a Bentley Continental GTC cabriolet and will cost around the same at £110,000 for a standard model.
The photos show that there will be a difference with this car from the SL as it will not be a folding hard top. There will be four seats but no longer four doors.
The bodywork will be very similar to the S-class coupe as they share a platform. This means that the back seats will have plenty of legroom, by the looks of it according to people who have seen it close up.
It is expected that when the car is launches there will be a choice of three engines. There will be two V8 engines and a V12 one. These will be a S500 Cabriolet 4.7 litre V8 and S63 AMG Cabriolet 5.5 litre V8. There will also be a S65 AMG Cabriolet 6.0 litre too. The first will be capable of 455 bhp, the second 585 bhp and the third 630 bhp.
There will be a huge range of new gadgets available on the new car too. There will be everything that is in the S-class Coupe with extras on top. This will include the Magic Body Control, the rollover tech as well as a fridge in the back which will keep champagne or other drinks of your choice cool.
It is expected that there may even be a S65 AGM Cabriolet in the range which could cost more than £200,000. The coupe version is £183,065 and so the cabriolet version will be quite a bit above that price. This could be a price that will compete with a Bentley or even the rumoured Rolls Royce Wraith convertible.


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