New Mercedes MLC (2015) Spotted


New Mercedes MLC (2015) Spotted
The new 2015 Mercedes MLC is a mix between a coupe and a crossover and new photos have been taken of it. The pictures show what it looks like and it is clearly aimed staright at the BMW X6 market which is an extremelt popular one. The MLC is almost a squashed ML with a more sporty look, which is something that buyer like to go for.
There have been some official hints about the new model. At the 2014 Beijing Motor Show the Concept Coupe SUV was shown which was a preview of the ML based 4×4. The rear screen rake is hidden in the disguise but it looks like it could be a copy of the concept car one.
The chief of Mercedes Dieter Zetsche has spoken about the MLC, he said that the Concept Coupe SUV was there to get more customers form a new segment which they see as having a lot of potential.
MLC though, is unlikely to be the name of the production model of the car, it is expected that this is a working name only.
They new spy photos were taken in Germany and it looks rather like the brash style of an X6. There is disguise in the pictures but it is still easy to see that the car has an upright front end with the grille and head lamps that tend to be used in Mercedes latest model. There also seems to be a three pointed star roundel in the middle of the grille.
There are four exhaust pipes as well as many spoilers and cooling vents which implies that this is a faster version of the car. It looks like there will be a powerful engine too as well as a definite AMG version of the car.
This means that this car could be an MLC 63 AMG version with a v8 engine of 5.5 litres which will manage 518bhp and 516 lb/ft torque. Its brothers are able to do 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds and the top speed is up to 155mph. Many people would feel that this is enough power for a car like this. However Mercedes have said that the MLC will be more like a hot hatch in its handling and with the curve tilting system form the S-class coupe it should make sure that the heavy car moves well around corners.
There will be a good range of engines in the cars, with many diesel options expected across the UK and Europe. It is expected that the main ones will be the MLC 250 BlueTec and ML 350 Blue Tec models. There are a 2.2 litre four cylinder turbo diesel and a 3.0 litre V6 TDO which are capable of 201 bhp and 255 bhp.
It is expected that there will be a plug-in hybrid version as Daimler puts battery operated models across its whole range of vehicles.
The Mercedes MLC is based on the ML class underpinnings and it will be built at the Tuscaloosa plant in Alabama in the US together with the 4×4 that is already there.
It is expected that it will be late 2013 or early 2015 when the car will debut perhaps at the Detroit motor show. This could mean that they will be seen for sale in July 2015. It is expected that the price cold be around the £55,000 mark for a 250 Bluetec spec.


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