New Mercedes ML 2012 almost naked


New Mercedes ML 2012

Here are the most revealing photos yet of the Mercedes ML as we snapped one of the pre-production cars wearing only very little camouflage. For the first time we can see the rear side window and all the lines of the lights. We can also see all the lines and pressings on the side.
The size seems to be pretty much equal to the current car.

Under the hood we expect a similar range of engines powering today’s ML since it got some new engines with the latest facelift. Meaning there will be all from a range of diesel engines to high power petrol engines from AMG. We also expect a plug-in hybrid version this time.

With pre-production cars starting to run in traffic we suspect that the debut is not that far away for the 2012 Mercedes ML.

New Mercedes-benz ML 2012

Mercedes-benz ML-class 2012

new 2012 mercedes-benz ml



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