New Mercedes E-class: Fresh Photos


New Mercedes E-class

Mercedes-Benz will begin at the end of 2009 – the beginning of the year 2010 the production of the new generation E-Class. But now the photographer was able to withdraw this model, and virtually without any camouflage.

The new E-class will be placed in the same style as the S-Class. To get there is a machine arcades brink and sharp lines. What would be the assembling of the new E-Class generation is impossible to say yet. But there is no doubt that equipping the vehicle will be the most luxurious among all competitors. Rather, the basic equipment of the E-Class will include night-vision system, automatic cruise control, which directly oversees the distance to the other machines, and more.

New E-class

Mercedes-Benz E-class


  1. Mercedes took a nice, mommy-oriented car and uglified it into a masculine-looking, rectangular monstrosity that looks too fierce to attract the female market yet is too small to attract male buyers. The headlights look like a cross between the previous generation E and the current S. The rear lights look like rear lights on the infiniti q45 2001 model year, but squintier. Let’s hope the standard feature are convincing enough to get buyers to look past the exterior, eh?

  2. i must agree with the above comment this car just does not have the flare nor mercedes edge that we have come to admire. needs a bigger grill and more bolder front period…….

  3. It looks weird and not to proportion. The head lights look ugly with the whole body look like a mismatched combination of lines curves and shapes.

  4. Not only does it look like half Chevrolet, half Honda, it looks like a cheap version of it. Mercedes knows that it can design any ol’ thang and Americans will pretend to like it for the sake of image. It’s hideous and even looks cheap. It looks like Hyundai trying to impersonate an American car. I’m not a big fan of Bimmers this decade, either. Looks like Audi is the new Mercedes.

  5. Finally the tides have turned. We now have a Mercedes that is trying to look like the Hyundai Genesis (and the Genesis looks nicer and better proportioned). Those Bimmer creases are like infections and no auto-biotics can cure them. When my E-Class lease comes up for renewal in 2 years I will have very little to choose from … everyone seems to be rushing to produce uglies.

  6. I was really looking forward to M-benz creating something even more elegant than the current E-class, but I think the Hyundai Azera looks more elegant and well proportioned than this. Let’s hope tha Benz can come up with something truly attractive for old fans of the E-class like myself.

  7. I must disagree with the previous comments – anyone who has walked the lot at a Mercedes dealer in the last few weeks must be impressed with the stunning re-work of the C class, the front end of the SL, the stature of the S and the pure elegance of the CL. All of the Mercedes 4 door models (except the CLS) are taking cues from the Maybach, which has defined a timeless body style ala rolls. These designs add the creativity allowed by smaller more powerful headlights, to create more personality than we have seen in years. It is not uncommon for fans of a car brand to recoil at new body styles, and it often takes several years to appreciate the design.


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