New Mercedes-Benz MLC Revealed


It was only a small time ago when the new Mercedes-Benz Coupe Concept SUV was seen which will be brought out to compete with the BMW X6. A production version of this model has now been seen out on the road and it will be called the MLC.
The pictures of the new Mercedes show it very heavily covered in camouflage. However, its shape does give away what it is as well as the design of the front and the rear lamps which follow the design of those on the S-Class Coupe and are the same as those on the concept car. The car certainly looks pretty good, that is if it follows the general design of the concept vehicle.
It is expected that because the MLC is based on the M-Class it is likely to share the same engine choices. This would mean that there would be a 3.5 litre V6, a V8 with twin turbo and 4.6 litre and a V6 3.0 turbo diesel. The concept has a V6 3.0 litre twin turbo which makes this a possibility for the final car as well. There may even be a 5.5-litre twin turbo V8 put inside a AMG tuned car too.
It looks like the vehicle is a long way along in its development stage which means that the car is likely to debut soon, perhaps as early as the beginning of 2015.


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