New Mercedes Baby Shooting Brake Spied in Milton Keynes


A very observant CAR reader spotted the new Mercedes Baby Shooting Brake when in Milton Keynes recently. It was close to where the UK headquarters for the company are based. Nick Burgess, was driving on the A421 when he saw the silver car and took some pictures of it.
It looks similar to Daimler’s Shooting Brake and will be the fifth member of the A-class family.
There was very little disguise on the car which means that it was easy to see what the car will be like. It can be seen that it will have the same style as the CLS and there is some great style features such as a swooping roofline but not a lot of space inside. The car did look like it had the AMG body kit and with large front spoiler and air intakes paired with the large rims it looks like it will be a quick model.
The photographer explained that he was to the west of Milton Keynes when he spotted the car and turned around so that he could take the photographs before sending them to CAR.


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