New McLaren P1 £800k supercar revealed for Paris show


McLaren P1, the all new ‘impeccable terrific car’ is the apple to the company’s eyes now. With a simple goal of being the best driver’s car in the world on both the road and the track, the company had taken up this stupendous project of producing it.  With no intent to surpass a Bugatti, as said by the company’s associate, the P1 is designed to proffer avant-garde lap times and produce 960bhp using the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) of the Formula 1- way.
At a whopping cost of £800,000; and a confined manufacture of 500 models, the P1 is still expected to have great sales by them being bought by McLaren’s lie clientele and eminent consignees, without having to enter the car market publicly. But, the first evince of the McLaren’s automotive would be at the Paris Motor Show – an international show; which is to unveil the design of the stupefying wagon – P1. The absolute version of the astounding product would be showcased next year, coinciding with the big event – McLaren’s  50th anniversary, which would tantamount to the one being shown here.
With a great vision that the McLaren P1 will delimitate the degree set high by the performance of McLaren F1 20 years ago , the Executive Chairman of McLaren Automotive, Ron Dennis sees the P1 as one carrying forward the legacy of the 50 years old racing and road cars; being inspired by the   technological advocacy of the McLaren’s racing section.
Also, the Managing Director of this project – Mr. Antony Sheriff views the new car as the spryest and the most conceding one of the course of road cars produced in the ambit. It is equipped with all the essential factors of a terrific race and road car with all the technical sophistications employed in its making, which can be proved and tested when it drives through the roads and race paths, giving the driver the profound thrill of driving it.
McLaren has decided to stay tight lipped about any further details about the car before its formal launch in public takes place; but thanks to the Autocar for having uncovered many secrets of the P1.
In spite of having a spectacular exterior, most of its features are like the MP4 – 12C; such as its windscreen, the A-pillars and such. It is also similar to the Porsche 911 in some aspects the major one being its short height. Also, while comparing it to the MP4-12C, it is unsure about the similarity in its cabin, which supposedly is going to be unaltered. However, its interior is definitely going to be far different from the MP4-12C with the addition of switchgear called for.
The 12C is dynamically designed by the remarkably distinguishable facets making it look stunning. The meticulously designing techniques by Frank Stephenson- the ‘The Best’ automobile designer – had shown up amazingly after his one touch to it where he has distinctively defined all the technical manifestations of the car by making it look sensational by painting the custom designed exterior of it, modeled by the experts of the test bed, in matt black and the other designed surfaces painted as that of the whole body. And, to give it a handsome refurbished look of the 12C, its head lamp is slightly cant and designed to hint the McLaren Logo.
The roof of the McLaren F1 with the well fashioned nods, an especial ridgeline trailing through the door carapace (titling in the polarized direction though); and the most distinctively styled rear deck make the P1 extraordinary. Also, the door carapace extends up to the forward wing. This car when compared to the MP4-12C has many similarities, such as, making use of the reformed form of the Carbon Monocell, the exterior frame made of carbon fiber, adopting the same door mechanism and such. Apart from these, the rest of its architecture is supposedly contrasting to that of the MP4-12C.
With the redesigning of different parts, the aluminum suspension systems and sub frames at the front and rear ends of it have gone under the transformation too. It is understood to be assimilating efficacious damping and effective roll control, with the effective roll control being probably hydraulically operated in order to let go off the diametric roll bars and thus cast out body lean.
The car is also awaited to be set up with toppled up effective aerodynamics which could be many systems in number. This complements the car to couch its ride levels while on the drive, thus increasing the down force of it. Also, with the concept of side skirts associated to it, it’s expected that it’s work in line with the P1’s rear diffuser.  The other effective aerodynamic set up includes air pumps which airify almost all the most important segments of the car body and also other electronically controlled components that need it.
Coming to the seating arrangement of the car, well, as observed by its shape, the engine and the transmission systems seem to be placed lower in the back end of it. Compared to the 12C, the rear deck at the centre of the P1, under which is engine is placed, is found to be lower; and the exhaust system seems to have been altered and restored.
With so many sophisticated electronics fixed to it, and also the engine which is constantly generating heat, the air taken in by it is a lot and hence there is a need  to keep it fed with air and to regulate or manage the temperature of its effectively. Also, as a means to manage this temperature, the rear wheels are fixed by the front facing vents over them (over the LED strips) to act as the exhaust points.
With so many modifications made in its design, the engine too has undergone a modification. Though not being a V10 or V12, it’s still a transformed version of the MP4-12C’s twin turbo V8. This also caters to a caper from 600bhp to about 800bhp to 9000rpm; all these features that are beefed up by the KERS system which is a duo of flywheels having the power to put on up to 160bhp in quick breaks.  Also, the handsome feature of the car‘s flywheels to keep it off from standing still on the road; and the fuel management in it is loud and notable and quite economical.
According to the furphies, P1 purportedly exhibits the least speed of 0-60mph in three seconds and the highest of 239mph. it is also reportedly known for outrunning the greatest lap time of a road-legal car at the Silverstone circuit.
In addition to the apple before – launch info leaked about the P1, the most sensational one by its plausible buyers who have had the luck throw a glance at the car at the Pebble Beach gathering in California have said that the P1 is in plans to be equipped with the latest sort of acrylic windows in place of the stereotyped glass ones. Also, there isn’t any need of the wind screen wipers as water just rolls down the acrylic material.
Thus standing by the promise made by McLaren of launching a new car every year until the year 2020, P1 has lived up to it. Also, these cars prove a great asset worth the investment   to the buyers as the cars bought about 2 decades ago for £540,000 now cost £3.8 million in the auction.


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