New Maserati Quattroporte Due Out In 2013 With Spy Photographs


New Maserati Quattroporte Due Out In 2013 With Spy Photographs

The stunning new Quattroporte is going to come out at the 2013 Detroit auto show, and there are some new spy photographs that show just how amazing it is going to be. It has been testing with production-ready specifications.
There are some brand new changes on the Quattroporte, which include four-wheel drive, and this will definitely change the face of the four-door car featured here.

It is unbelievable they are releasing a four-wheel drive Quattroporte.

Four-wheel drive is usually only an accompaniment to high-powered engines, and these are built by Ferrari. Eight-speed automatics will be thrown into the mix, and they will be a mix of V6 and V8, and there will be some twin-turbocharing as well.

The codename for the car is M156. The spy shots are simply incredible. The Maserati CEO, Harald Wester, is even playing it up, saying that it will be about 150kg lighter than the current model, and it will be almost 30% cheaper.

The car will be much lighter. Aluminum and other composite metals will be used. The weight will be kept down using these tactics.

There might be a smaller Maserati Quattroporte too.

There might be a smaller Quattroporte that is coming out too, and it will come out late in 2013, at the autumn Frankfurt motor show. The codename for this project is M157.

This car is squarely setting its sights on the BMW M5/Mercedes E63 market, and the Quattroporte is going to have the engine of a V6 fuel and regular engine.

There is a new Kubang SUV coming out in 2014, and Fiat is going to end up giving the second sports car brand name the focus it deserves.


  1. How can you say the spy shots are “simply incredible”. There is so much body cladding the shape is all but amorphous. From the nose that looks like a sand ray , the sides with that lumpy look, the rear with the I’m a Panamera rear window line, the whole thing is most likely a good looking car. It’s a Maserati. But there is a possibility it really looks like these shots…awful.


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