New look for 2014 Jeep Cherokee


New look for 2014 Jeep Cherokee
There have been quite a few pictures taken of heavily disguised jeep vehicles doing testing, but they have not really given a lot of clues about what they are planning for the future. It has seemed like they were trying out a replacement for the Liberty but now some production Line images has been produced by Jalopnik which give a lot more detail.
The report does imply that the name will be changed for this Liberty replacement but offers no indication of why this conclusion has been drawn. There have been rumours of this before but there is no indication of whether the person who supplied the factory images discussed the name, but it is likely that they probably did.
From the pictures it can be seen that there certainly is some Alfa Romeo in the new car but it does look very different from the Guilietta. It has a high waisted design which is rather more atheletic and more attractive. The grille and headlights look controversial though and will probably be a talking point when the car is first debuted, which is expected to be in the New York Auto show that will be taking place in April. The headlamps are very pointed and narrow which are certainly not typically Jeep and the curved waist is also very different to anything they have put out before and sow ill be certain to raise some eyebrows.
It has high wheel arches and will possibly have the ‘trail rated’ stamp which will be welcomed by those who feel that the brand will dilute the original. It also has the Selec-Terrain drive management system inside. It is expected that even more information will be revealed before its April showing.


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