New Kia MPV Spy Photographs Captured


New Kia MPV Spy Photographs Captured

There is a new Kia MPV on the block, and it is a replacement for the old Kia Carens.

Kia sells a couple of people movers in Europe right at this moment, and they are the bigger Sedona and the smaller Carens. Both have less miles than the top models of Kias on the block like the Ceed, Picanto, and Sportage. Both are reaching the end of their lives currently.
The existing Carens is just six years old, and it came out in autumn 2006, and it was tweaked in summer 2010.

When is the new Kia Carens supposed to come out?

The new prototype that is featured in photos is the midi-MPV, and it will compete with models from Ford, Toyota, and Renault, and it will come out in 2013.

The new MPV will come out at the Paris motor show in fall 2012. It’ll be featured alongside the new Proceed. The Koreans are coming out with so many cars that they are now regularly unveiling more than one car at each show they are having.

The Carens name is not yet for certain. Kia has used to stick to established names, but it has made new names in the past too, like the Ceed, for a brand new product that is a change away from its forebears.

The Carens name is very much up for debate. This car is manufactured in Korea, and it is a global car too. It has strong brand name attraction in many markets.

Kia sold the car as the Rondo in some markets, and Kia changed 38,000 units of mid-sized MPV in 2010. The current sales of the Carens are very low, but it only sold a couple of thousand models at its peak anyway. This new model will only enhance its appeal.

What about the Kia Sedona coming out?

Even Renault can’t make a dime selling the Espace, anyone can see why it’s hard for car manufacturers that are selling full-sized MPVs.

The Koreans are betting a lot on this new, smaller car. There might be a complete-size MPV for the U.S., and other markets around the globe. It is important that you look into the KV7 concept car out in 2010 to see how that might look.


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