New Jeep Discussed


New Jeep Discussed
Jeep has recently retired its Liberty and its Patriot and Compass are in their final year. This means that it will need to be producing some new models. It is developing an SUV in midsize which will replace the Liberty, possibly under a new name.
Pictures of the prototype make it seem like a small version of the Grand Cherokee but with a more sculpted body. It has a front and centre grille with seven slats and the headlamp design is completely new. These are angular and sweep round. It sounds rather unlike Jeep to have a style like this, but it is hard to tell if it will work without seeing the whole thing.
Many people are more concerned about it’s off the road capabilities. It will be on a Dodge Dart platform, albeit larger which will differ from the last two Liberty models that were on more traditional SUV’s.
It is expected that the Jeep will be debuted at the New York Auto Show but hoped that it will be spotted testing before then, so more peeks can be taken of the new design!


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