New Golf GTI to Appear at Worthersee Show


Volkswagen have revealed that they will be unveiling their new hot hatch at the 2013 Worthersee Show later in the month. This will be a Golf GTO concept car.
The R&D boss at VW, Dr Ulrich Hakenberg confirmed when speaking to CAR at the launch of the MK7 Golf GTI that the unveiling would be taking place.
He explained that the car would not be as powerful as the Golf GTI W12 but more realistic. The W12 was revealed back in 2007 at Worthersee and has a Bentley W12 mid-mounted twin-turbo 6.0 litre engine. This gave it 641 bhp with 553 lb ft torque and it could go up to 203 mph reaching 62mph in 3.7 seconds.
The new concept care could be a variant of one of their current models. It is possible that it could just be an extreme car built to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the Golf GTI as the original was debuted at the 1975 Frankfurt Motor Show. However, it is possibly more likely that it will be a teaser edition of the 40 GTI. This being a higher performance Golf GTI which would be rather like the Edition 30 or the Edition 35 MK6 variant.
In his interview, Dr Hackenberg would not give many details about this concept car. He did explain that the new electronically controlled differential in the Golf GTI is not at its limit. This is part of the performance pack of the Golf GTI which costs £980 and is very similar to the E-diff that can be found in the Ferrari 458. Hackenberg revealed that it can handle 250bhp. With the GTI’s with performance packs developing 227bhp this means that the new concept could get more power.
The MK7 GTI was also going to have a carbonfibre roof, but it was never used because it was too expensive. Hackenberg’s team are working on a way to make it more cost effective so that it can save weight in the vehicle. It is possible that this may appear in a GTI variant that is faster. Hackenberg explained that it could save 8-9kg in weight.
There could be extra weight saving measures as well. The Audi Tt Wudo Quattro which is debuting at Worthersee will have extensive measures added in order to help it to shed the pounds.
The next generation Golf R is also well under way in the production process. It will be different to the GTI as it will have four wheel drive. It will also be a lot more powerful as although it will have the same turbocharged 2.0 litre engine it will be able to produce 286bhp.
It was also revealed by Dr Hackenberg that there will be two active exhaust flaps, like the ones that are on the Audi S3. These do not appear on the Golf GTI. This will generate extra noise and will mean that the car will be easily distinguishiable from the Golf GTI. It is possible that the Golf R may debut at Wothersee this month but if it does not then it will be likely to appear in Frankfurt in September 2013.


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