New Ford Mustang 2015 – overview


Mustang is one of the most popular and oldest products of Ford. The name of Mustang is definitely the oldest produced one. Mustang has different types of car for different types of people. You can find classy, sporty and various types of cars that will suit different types of people. There is Fox, Falcon, Torino, mutant Pinto, Lincolns, Mercurys and variety of Fords in there. Mustang has always flirted with style and the Boss 302 is the latest invention for sure. Many people are calling Boss as the best Mustang till now. In the year 2014 the ungulate of Ford will go through some revolutionary changes to re enter the market in April. It will definitely be a splendid event. The new edition of the car is not much different dimensionally from the existing car. However the new unibody is attractive and unique. The front track and rear track would be little narrower than the present one. The wheelbase of the exiting model looks little wider than the upcoming new Evos. However there will be wheelbase shrink along with cash structures. This was missing in the existing models.
Mustang has a real solid rear axle. It has always make Mustang a reliable name. There are many forums where people have talked about independent rear. Now there will be independent rear so that there can be more space in the rear seats. They have also worked on reducing the unsprung mass. Soon the car will come to the market and the wait will be over.
In this new car there will be a strut setup in the front. The geometry will be different and unique. Steel and aluminum will be used for the base and lower control arms. There will be Brendon brake calipers in the Evos. The number of brakes will be six in the standard models. However it could vary depending on the model type. There will be semi-serious, standard and serious performance models of this car. It will definitely be a great experience to drive this car. The car enthusiasts are waiting eagerly.
Today’s Mustang is different from the upcoming models. Today there are only two choices in the powertrain part. You can only get V-6 or V-8 choices. In the upcoming models there will be more choices that can make things even more useful. Ford is planning to launch a naturally aspirated inline-four for the market in Asia. However this is just speculation and nothing has been confirmed yet. Ford has always tried to come up with something different and challenging to the conventional ideas. When they came up with V-6 in majority of F-150 people did not really expect that. However the result was fruitful. That is why this time also the naturally aspirated inline four does not sound strange because of the brand name Ford.
In the U.S the models will have four cylinders as usual. Since 1993 Mustang has used four cylinders in it in US and the tradition will continue even this year. Earlier there were tuborcharged, 2.4 liter four for the models. Now the latest models will have 3.7 liter of V-6. There will be excellent fuel efficiency because of the 250-plus hp four cylinders. It will be a sport car but unlike other sport cars the fuel efficiency will be there. The horsepower will be same as the present model. However the engine will be upgraded with extra six ponies. It will give you better experience driving.
The upcoming model will have little less space under the hood. It could be a problem for the Shelby’s intercooled and supercharged 5.8 liter. 5.8 looks little squeezed out because of the height of the car. In the next generation Shelby the 662 horses will be really tough to beat for sure. Along with direct injected Coyote that is twin-turbocharged the new car is something worth waiting for. The potential of this car is tantalizing and everyone is waiting to see this car unveiled now. There will be eight-speed automatic transmissions and that is truly unparallel to any of the earlier models.

Mustang has promised the people to bring a different and unique car in the market. Plenty of mechanical improvements are there and the loyalists are saying this is going to be Ford’s ultimate gift to the world. The car is highly attractive with great features in it. The car enthusiasts cannot really wait to experience this car. The manufacturers have claimed that once you ride the new Mustang you definitely wouldn’t think about the earlier models at all. They have worked hard on it and now it is time to wait to see the reaction of the rest of the world.
Whenever people think about Mustang a specific look comes in front of their eyes. This time the car will have a less brand specific clean and sleek look. Since 1979 the brand Mustang and the designs have gone through a lot of changes. However with changing time the original design of Mustang is coming back with upgraded features. You cannot really ignore the style of Mustang. The new Evos is just like an eye candy. Once you ride this car the world will stare at you. One thing must not ever forget that it is Mustang and not just a car.  It is now time to wait for the new Evos to come to the market so that one can enjoy riding this stylish Mustang.


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