New Ford Focus RS Seen at the Nurburgring


It is expected that there will be a new Ford Focus ST coing out soon, but it looks from the latest spy shots that a Focus RS is also being tested. The vehicle was seen on the Nurburgring recently.
There is some disguise on the car and it has an ST badge as well as a Dewey sticker but it looks like there is a bit more to it. The front air dam is bigger for one thing and there are also dual exhaust tips compared to the single one on the ST. The wing has also been reshaped and there are bigger brake calipers.
It would be great to know what was under the bonnet as well though. There is no information on this but there are rumours that the 2.3 litre turbo four used in the mustang might be used. This capable of 305 horsepower and could be retuned to get even more power, which could go to the front wheels only or perhaps to all wheels. The Focus is based on the global C platform which underpins models that use all wheel drive such as the Lincoln MKC and the Ford Escape.
There is no information as to where in the world the Ford will be released to once it is being produced. The Focus ST is popular in the US and so it could arrive there especially as spy shots have been taken of it testing in the US. Only time will tell though.


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